Dating sex services afghanistan updating stage 3 of 3

They are discriminated against in the job market, in health clinics, mistreated and disowned by their own families.They are singled out for physical attack – beaten, sexually assaulted, tortured and killed.

The situation is clearly contrary to UK Home Office guidance notes that suggest that it “may be a safe and viable option for a gay man to relocate to Kabul”.He reported that Afghan gay men are at risk of systematic honour-killings, ‘sexuality cleansing’ and physical violence by state and non-state actors. They didn’t give me food and they tried to change me. Government don’t mention them, they don’t want to appear in TV and media. If they reveal their gay identity they will receive threats. Homophobic views and violence against LGBT groups in Afghanistan are pervasive.They made me fear from religious punishment and Quran and they tried to kill me if I didn’t change my nature. Kabul is a political hub where many powerful groups flex their muscles using tribal influence, wealth, and violence with an obvious and iniquitous agenda to contribute towards political and social order across Afghanistan including in the capital itself.Many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) of all ages and in all regions of Afghanistan are exposed to serious risks becoming victims of honour-killings, forced marriages and physical violence from their immediate and extended family members, tribal and community leaders and groups.Similarly, they also run the risk and exposure to sexual abuse and trafficking.

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