Dating pitfalls

Spell-check and check again It is worth the time and effort of spellchecking everything you write to a potential date.Poor grammar, bad spelling and sloppy sentences are a big turn off, and reflects on you as a man.Nothing screams bitter like an ex-bashing session, and no matter how much she hurt you, your prospective date doesn’t need to hear about it, at least not yet.Further down the line it might come up; at some point we all visit the ex-files, but in the early stages all it will achieve is to give the lady a taste of how badly you take a break-up. The golden rule for cyber-dating is that your behaviour online should be no different to your behaviour in real life.And please, for the love of God, don’t send explicit photographs.

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A lady is a lady and should always be treated as such.

Save the pillow talk for when you’re a couple Nothing screams player more than a guy who goes straight for the kill with sexual innuendos and approaches. There will be time enough for that if and when you make it past the gates of internet hell, and even then, it should be done with finesse and respect.

Asking her whether she wears suspenders and high heels is for the boys, not the men.

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