Dating kenyan man

The other ugly truth about dating a Kenyan woman is that they tend to think their beauty will take them far in life.This is where they will sleep with their bosses for that high position in office, who would want to date such a woman really?Talk about being supportive of their husbands, trust me, they are the ’real deal’. On the other side of the coin, some Kenyan women are too independent for life. Being strong is a good attribute but no man wants a woman without a soft spot.They are also egocentric, especially beautiful ones who have thrilling careers and booming businesses. They discriminate and disrespect men whom they think are not prospects.If you can spoil her with gifts, take her for vacations, dinner, trust me that will earn you a spot in her heart.She might even start calling you her husband already.Avoid these little girls at the university, most of them are wannabes who have not figured out exactly who are they and probably hunting for someone (mostly called sponsors here) to cater for her fantasy lifestyle.I repeat run away from them, they are dangerous for your health. Of course, if you are looking at having fun with a Kenyan lady, be my guest.

Look no further, this article reveals the bitter truth about these beautiful creatures in Kenya.

Yes, I would recommend dating a Kenyan woman and even marrying them reason being their positive attributes outweigh the negative.

One thing thou, take your time before with you settles with one.

All a Kenyan lady expects from her man is to take care of her.

Take her out to meet your friends, your parents, support her, treat her like a lady, if you do all that, you will have her for keeps. Most Kenyan women claim their male counterparts are not caring, romantic and loving and of course take it as holy writ that foreigners are the best option for them.

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