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Alternatively, you can take a shuttle bus directly from Banff Train Station to Lake Louise and save the hassle of trying to park.

The shuttle takes 75 minutes to arrive there and it costs for a round trip.

The park is also known for some of the most beautiful and vividly colored lakes in North America.

The greenery, the rocky mountain range, and even the waterfalls near Banff make for some epic hiking trails that draw nature lovers and hikers.

Since this trail is fairly easy to climb and so close to the town, it’s usually very crowded.

Locals also use this trail often for dog walking and fitness.

Don’t worry, the C Level Cirque Trail is not a challenging hike, but it’s quite steep, especially on the beginning of the trail, and it gets steeper on the second half, so make sure to wear good shoes.

If you’re able to reach the top, you’ll have a jaw-dropping view of the Two Jake Lake and Lake Minnewanka.

Here you hike through an arid pass at times, other at a forest section, other you have drops on both sides, and so on. Expect some enjoyable diversity in landscapes which also needs extra attention to each step. So at the fork, head left to start climbing the Cory Pass and come down on the Edith Pass.

This trail is an easy hike around the marshlands and lakes of the region.

It can be combined with Fenland trail as they are very close by.

Well, as we said, this trail is very famous and popular for a reason, so the views and landscapes you’ll see are certain to be beautiful and have that peaceful look only nature has. There are a few other possibilities of hikes in the Lake Louise/ Agnes area.

You can either head to Little Beehive Trail from Mirror Lake and on your way back head to Agnes Lake (and maybe hike further Big Beehive Trail=jaw-dropping views from both lakes).

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