Dating ibanez jem guitars

Previously, Vai used a handbuilt guitar by Charvel Jackson.

With Joe Despagni and Tom Anderson he created various custom guitars and used Tom Anderson's model to record the demo of the David Lee Roth album Skyscraper.

When it comes to playing lightning fast riffs this super easy to play neck is what you want, maintains an incredibly easy to play action and holds its tuning perfectly.The essential considerations were the weight, wood types and pickups. But Steve looked at me nonchalantly and said, 'Relax, I do this all the time.' He wanted to check Mace's detail and craftsmanship."" Mace Bailey, who was also involved in the production, later went to Japan to the Ibanez factory to really begin producing the guitar.For the latter specification, Vai decided long before Ibanez contacted him, that he would use Di Marzio pickups for his guitars. He sat there with the craftsmen and made ten guitars for Vai.For a similar list of neck dimensions for acoustic guitars see the list of acoustic neck profiles.American Musical Supply is excited to be your stop for Ibanez JEM electric guitars.

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