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The agriculture is mostly rain-fed; less than 2 per cent of the cultivated land is irrigated. The crops grown are groundnuts, millet, rice (dry land, irrigated and swamp), sorghum, maize, sesame, cassava, cotton, cashew nuts, coconuts, kola nuts, palm oil, and a variety of vegetables and fruits.Groundnuts and groundnut products are major export commodities.The farmers, after only one year, considered the methods of cultivation as revolutionary and were taking active steps to copy the methods demonstrated.As the Seyfu was anxious to expand similar demonstrations in other parts of his district early next year and then each year thereafter, two valleys were selected, one near N’Demban and the other near Somita.ARS was the first agency responsible for the coordination and implementation of crop research in the Gambia.The USAID-funded Mixed Farming and Resource Management Project was implemented from 1981 to 1986, and the USAID-supported The Gambia Agricultural Research & Diversification Project was started in 1985.

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At that time, the Gambia was still a British colony.The population of Gambia is almost 1.8 million (2012), about one third of which lives below the international poverty level. The Gambia has tropical climate with generally hot temperatures and a rainy season when day time temperatures go become a bit mild.The country is mostly a plateau, which decreases in altitude as it nears the Atlantic coast.The main mandate of the department was improving the quality and quantity of the groundnuts cultivated for export.The department started covering food crops also only after the country’s independence.

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