Dating chronic pot smoker

So I asked him how often he does it, to which he got defensive and then mentionned 4 to 5 times a week... I told him I could not accept this, and if this is the way it would be, I'd rather end the relationship.

At this point, and after much discussion, he agreed to cut down to 2 times a week or only when he is "with his friends".

When we first started dating, he admitted to smoking weed, but I didn't have any idea how much of a problem it was for him.

As I got to know him more, and his friends and lifestyle, I realized he was hanging out with a crowd who all smoked pot on a regular basis and especially when they got together.

Whenever I try and talk to him about it even from the perspective of being concerned about his health, he shuts me out, tells me to shut up or justifies himself. Lately, he's resorted to calling me really hurtful and insulting names as we argue...

He's even told me if I can't deal with it, I can just "go my way" - and he's shown other signs of apathy towards us in so many ways. He just doesn't think his addiction is affecting our relationship...

I've been asking about his pot smoking and moods and he denies he has a problem...instead he picks at me and blames everything on me. He'll blame me for his headaches, the fact that he's cursed at me and gotten mad, and that he doesn't get to "see his friends" that often (which I also know means doesn't get to smoke up as often).

At this point, I can tell when he's sober, high or craving and its disturbing to see him consistently moving between these personnas.

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Pot proponents often argue that marijuana is healthier than alcohol and nicotine since it's all natural and supposedly non-addictive. They're amusing at first, but they get old if they're the only funny thing you can talk about.Here are a few pros and cons to consider when you can't decide if weed usage is a dealbreaker or not. You can learn from their taste in music and movies.Chances are, a pothead's i Tunes folder will contain one of two genres of music: synthy Europop or a lot of reggaeton to facilitate the spacing out that accompanies smoking a joint.On a related note, while Your Tango does not condone illegal activity, we will recommend consulting your pot-smoking boyfriend if you ever feel like trying it out.You should not attempt to get high for the first time without an experienced person present.5. Or if he's a jerk, he might sneak you some or make you feel like a total prude for not wanting to smoke up.

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