Dating blue ridge southern pottery

In the nineteenth century, banks around the USA commonly issued their own currency, like this five-dollar note from Ocmulgee Bank of Macon.Banking standards affect capitalization of projects and the economy in general.Nevertheless, after a slightly chilly start, it was a perfect fall day with brilliant sunshine lending a glow to what were once rice […] Many of the archeological phase names currently used for northwest Georgia are directly attributable to the work of Joseph Caldwell in Allatoona Reservoir more than fifty years ago (Caldwell 1950, 1957).While terminology has changed over the years, most of the designations used by Caldwell remain in use today.He asked people who made a brick he saw in La Grange with “LACLEDE KING” stamped on it.As a tease, he noted: The brick is more closely related to the Lewis and Clark Expedition, than it is to covered bridges in Georgia.Click here for more information on the Fall Meeting.

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In late December 1970, I assisted the Broward County Archaeological Society in the location, recovery, and restoration of an abandoned, twelve and a half foot long, cypress dugout canoe.In the process read about relative and absolute dating, calibration curves, and more!This wandering Ponder began with explaining the notation “cal BP,” which you may encounter in archaeological reporting.Archaeologists use and develop taxonomies, or systems for classifying artifacts, etc.That fewer people are proficient in taxonomic classification these days is alleged in a recent article.

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