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Bella opened the gift only to see that nothing was inside, she looked at Emmett confused. Finally a decent sound system for that piece of cra--" before he could finish, Bella cut him off. YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Wand and Pietro move to Forks, they want a nice, quiet, peaceful last year of school.

She raises a hand and rolls her wrist and curls her fingers, the red mist building in her hand before she waves it forward and into Emmett's head, he jerks a little as it settles, his eyes flashing red. "You can just pluck memories out...." Wanda looks to her and nods.

She was surprised when she saw Bella smile, but also relieved. Both Edward and Bailey -- who were the closest to him shook their heads in disapproval. " Emmett asked as if he genuinely didn't know what he did wrong.

"Sorry about all this." Carlisle said to Bella, "We tried to rein Alice in." "As id that were even possible." Esme stepped in and gave Bella hug -- she was definitely a huger type of woman, "Happy birthday, Bella." "Thanks." Bella spun around quickly when she heard a click and saw a flash go off. Bella was about to respond, when Emmett spoke up in a loud voice. Small talk was over, and now it was time for gifts.

But here it's not treated as a scandalous anomaly, which is usually the case in May-December movie romances where the guy is the spring chicken.

(Which is annoying, since it's pretty much a given that Hollywood men will have much younger female love interests.) In fact, we wondered whether there were many movies at all where the female love interest was older—and we did find a few.

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