Dating a paranoid girl

I really appreciate your comment though, so thanks again!!! All my life people have been afraid of me, told me I'm dangerous, avoided me because I cried all the time. Giant steps are never easy, they require help for yourself and the children. Once you have decided that this situation is no sustainable, and it appears that you have reached that then it is time to seek help.

Relationships aren't easy and take a lot of work -- we all know this.

At those levels, there is a high degree of anxiety on this person’s part as well as distrust coupled with rigid thinking that in turn makes them toxic to be around.

These individuals lack tenderness and for them there is no humor in life—everything is serious.

Character disorders, after all, are on a continuum; some are more acute or pathological than others.

What stands out about the paranoid personality in relationships are the behaviors and how they make others feel.

These pervasive traits in no way make for a good, happy, healthy, and vibrant relationship.

There is wisdom in their unfiltered words—the words of those who have lived it in vivo. When we couple the words of the victims with the recognized behavioral traits of the paranoid personality, we get a better picture of these individuals.

Right now especially, my boyfriend has made a friend at work who is female (same age as myself). Why don't people listen to their intuition any longer? A Beautiful Mind, the movie that was mentioned, might have portrayed his wife's agony but it also shows the lack of doctor's knowledge in what was going on with him as solution for his disease (I'm not so sure this was the full picture).

Aside from my suspicions its clear that she's romantically interested in him... It is a distorted way of thinking; however with right therapist you can make incredible progress. The movie also showed how horrible he felt, as well to be putting her through everything he had.

But what if someone had sat down with Sara and said, look for these behaviors, examine how being around this person makes you feel?

While it is too late for Sara, who has already lived this, it is not for the rest of us. Habitually questions the intentions of others, including spouse, intimate relations, family, or workmates. Is guarded, secretive, devious, scheming, or thinks others around him are that way. Is unbending in thoughts and ideas—stubbornly holds onto beliefs with rigid thinking. Holds grudges for a long time and is not forgiving of slights, even after many years. Is a chronic complainer and malcontent—never satisfied everything is above board or assumes something nefarious is at play. Claims that past failings at work, life, or in relationships have been the direct fault of others.

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