Da brat mariah carey dating

Da Brat attended Kenwood Academy during her sophomore and junior year, where she ran track and played basketball.

Eventually, the pressure of her newfound celebrity puts too heavy a strain on Billie, forcing her to decide what it is she really wants from Dice, and what she wants for herself.

One of the best, ie worst, is when she and Dice walk into the suite of the record company, the business men say you've got a contract, and champagne glasses are raised - end scene.

That is literally the scene and actually probably doesn't even last twenty seconds.

Billie Frank is a shy, young multiracial girl who is sent away by her alcoholic mother at a very early age. But when super DJ Julian Dice hears Billie's incredible voice, he makes a shady deal with Timothy to get her out of that dead-end situation. Even if a movie is BAD, I can still often get a kick out of it. Let's just say that I used to think she was the Devil.

Soon, Billie and Dice are making hits inside the studio, and falling in love outside of it. Some bad films are so bad they're fun: Roadhouse, Kingdom of the Spiders ("starring" William Shatner), Orgy of the Dead, Cool as Ice, Battlefield Earth... I'm not sure if I can EVER forgive myself for having watched it. Now I know that there are worse, more pretentious, and just all-around truly more terrible and terrifying things than the Devil.

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