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Bri entered the room and turned the phone so I could see too. Kristi was on her hands and knees as Derrick fucked her doggy style. Grunting between words, she reacted, "I don't care, I don't fucking care, you and Derrick own my body now. Therefore, I nearly missed the queue that Bri had just given. " Still from off-screen, but with an obvious smirk as indicated by in her tone, Bri replied, "Oh, you'll find out." Again, in motion, the viewpoint changed as Bri crawled onto the bed and spread her legs before my wife's face.He was tensed up as he hammered my sweet little wife like a jackhammer against reinforced concrete. The strangeness of her tone and the placement of the word 'call' in her statement, brought me back to the present. Gripping Kristi's hair and pulling it harshly, she forced my wife to slow down her own frantic fucking.

Submissively, Kristi complied and buried her face into her best friend's vagina.

Cuckold porn explores the beautiful fetish of husbands being turned on when their wives fuck other people.

She is often referred to as a hotwife and is free to explore fucking other men while the cuck hubby stays faithful.

If this subject matter offends you, then you have been fairly warned.

Finally, all characters in this story are of legal age and beyond.

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