Cosmogenic 3he helium age dating help updating my cv

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The accuracy of the absolute 3He/4He ratios of the atmosphere and other working standards including HESJ is crucial in some applications of helium isotopes, such as tritium-3He dating, surface-exposure age determination based on cosmogenic 3He, and the accurate measurement of the neutron lifetime.

Cosmogenic nuclide evidence for minimal erosion across two subglacial sliding boundaries of the late glacial Fennoscandian ice sheet.

Fabel, Derek Clarhäll, Anders Kleman, Johan Li, Yingkui Elmore, David and Fink, David 2006.

The helium standard of Japan, referred to as HESJ, is an inter-laboratory standard for the 3He/4He ratio.

While the ratio of 3He and 4He of the HESJ was previously determined by a relative comparison to atmospheric helium, the absolute value of the 3He/4He ratio of the HESJ has not been directly determined yet.

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