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Mackey says Bol was probably much older and could have been in his 40s or even 50s when he played in the NBA.

According to Wikipedia, Manute played in the NBA from his early 20s until his early 30s for various teams, including the Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers.

“The university has accepted his resignation and appreciates the contributions he has made to the growth and success of the Lady Techsters program during his tenure.

“Louisiana Tech will immediately begin the process of selecting a new head coach to lead the women’s basketball program and student-athletes forward.

“I am hopeful the media and the public will respect the privacy of my family and me as we deal with this difficult situation I have caused.”Few other details on the alleged liaison have been released.

Summitt, who earned 5,000 a year, was head coach of the Lady Techsters for the last two seasons.

Manute Bol has been dead for over seven years now but people are still talking about him for a few reasons.

If Mackey was right — we’re not sure how he’s going to categorically prove it — then Bol would be the oldest player to have played in the NBA.In 2014, the Times reported Summitt was axing players who didn’t meet five standards: belief, family, character, competition, and toughness.“There have been difficult decisions which will happen with any coaching transition.But one of those standards is character and if you cross that line, you won't be a Lady Techster,” said Summitt, whose Christian identity earned him a story on Billy Graham’s website.“Lady Techsters walk in a certain way, they talk in a certain way.“I just hoped, like any parent, that he would find something he loved to do.”The news about Tyler dishonors his mother’s legacy.As coach for the Lady Vols, Pat was relegated to second-class gyms and made to wash uniforms and even drive the team van, CNN reported.

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