Christian dating questions for men

Failure to uncover things within the first few dates can get some singles in trouble with establishing boundaries as things progress.The lack of good boundaries allows false trust to enter.First, I never announce to a date “hey, I have a list of questions that you have to answer before I can date you.” Rather, I introduce them strategically in conversation and take mental notes for later.I mention some of these tips in my article Online Dating Tips for Single Christians.

This question uncovers the depth of friendships in their life.It had been a while since I had commingled on a deeper level with other single Christians outside of work and general church service.Life groups eat together, talk about real life issues, and get involved in each others messy lives.Being a very casual event we waited a little after the start time in hopes a few more people would arrive.Ten minutes later we prayed, grabbed some food, and all finally took our seats. It’s not abnormal for me to be outnumbered by the women in my life.

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