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Facebook Looking: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the girl who posts on your ex’s wall sickeningly often and is in many photos with him is the new girlfriend -- or, at least, the new leading lady in his life. Similar to clicking through the profiles of your friends’ friends (who are essentially strangers to you), you’re treading dangerous waters here. Don’t even put it in your “About Me” and assume that it’s hidden -- it’s not. Okay, so while the above is true, when someone reads past the first few pages of your Tumblr, it’s a classic e-stalking scenario.Unless you are 100 percent positive that this person is a platonic best friend, a romantic relationship of sorts is likely. This situation is similar to going too far back on someone’s wall.Facebook Looking: Yes, this includes pretty much everything.It’s ridiculously easy to type a name into a search bar and figure out what somebody is doing.But clicking on a random person’s name in the photo and looking at his or her Facebook page is a slippery slope into real stalking. Sorry, but if you wanted a private Tumblr/blog, you should have a private Tumblr/blog.Since you’re not Facebook friends with this person, he or she did not give you permission to snoop around their page. You can certainly infer who this new person is based on the aforementioned items, but by no means should you discover that he or she was high school salutatorian or rode horses at summer camp. Don’t post that URL to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other extremely public social media service where people can easily find it if you don't want it found.Facebook Stalking: I usually keep my Facebook chat off for the same reason I turned off my “read receipts” on my i Phone: I don’t want people to know if I’ve seen their texts and get insulted if I don’t answer right away. Gone are the days when someone could ignore you and claim to "have not seen your Facebook message!

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I keep thinking that if we could sell our house in Charlotte, North Carolina, I might like to move to Hawaii to live. You have users hiding in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) who are only occasional users.Facebook Looking: If you’re trying to catch somebody in a lie about his or her whereabouts, the least creepy way to accomplish it is to find the last time he or she posted on Facebook.If someone leaves a mark on Facebook, he or she wants everyone to know that he or she was, in fact, active on Facebook.Grow Financial is a credit union working for the benefit of our members, not for the profit of corporate shareholders.As a financial cooperative, we’re really more of a family, working together for the good of us all. It means they are served by people who are happy, engaged and truly care. are not affiliated with, and do not endorse products or services of, Grow Financial.

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