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Clavering (079 985) 345 became Saffron Walden (0799) 850345, nowadays (01799) 850345. Radwinter (079 987) 456 became Saffron Walden (0799) 500456, nowadays (01799) 500456.Post 2000, only a dozen places have long STD codes with five-digit local numbers.An earlier modification to get round this problem for European dialling was the addition of the letter Q to the digit 0, which previously represented only the letter O.

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Also, international direct dialling was being introduced and as other countries (such as the USA) had different assignments of letters to digits the opportunity for confusion existed.These codes starting with "00" were later reallocated, freeing the prefix 00 for use by calls to the Republic of Ireland, to radiophones and to premium rate numbers.Within a single code group area there would usually be multiple exchange buildings in various locations. Population growth over the next few decades meant there was a need for more lines.Uniform exchange codes, usually called STD codes, were allocated for every exchange in the country, progressively as STD was rolled out. The original concept was for to be a nationwide Director system, and in common with the Director system, the exchange codes were originally assigned based on two letters of the respective place's name and the corresponding numbers on a telephone dial.For example Aylesbury was given the STD code 0AY6, where the letter A can be found on the number 2 and the letter Y on the number 9.

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