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You can carry out research, ask your current customers with a survey (use a free service like Google Forms or Typeform to get basic surveys going), or just simply observe what customer service tool helps them most. Batman wouldn’t be the same without the Batmobile, and there wouldn’t be any magic if Harry Potter did not have a wand in his hand.What I mean is that every hero needs a tool that helps him do his job.And let’s not get our minds closed – even if the issue doesn’t give you any precious insights itself, a conversation customer initiates is a perfect opportunity to ask him a question (and there’s a chance they’ll be more eager to answer, than they would be if you contacted them with a questionnaire or a call).Do you think about a new feature you may apply to your website?You may work in an e-commerce and your customer can’t find any information about your brand’s return policy, so he asks a question.Providing him with a quick answer doesn’t break the shopping process – if all of his doubts are resolved during one session it’s rather not possible for him to lose interest, or get frustrated and abandon the online shopping cart.Content marketing, PPC ads, cold mailing and cold calling – every industry has its very particular set of verified methods for driving sales.

Or advise them whether your product is a fit for their case.

Or want to know how good is your customer service experience? Though it may seem easy and effortless, good customer service is made of hours spent on developing, implementing and practicing different customer service software, tools, and methods.

However, I can name a couple of factors that have an inevitable impact on the quality of your support.

Every time a customer approaches you, you get a chance to become his trusted advisor and have a real impact on his decision-making process.

When he shares some kind of issue or asks if your product would be right for him, you can offer him a higher end version of a solution he considered as first.

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