C rowvalidating

For example, some types and its corresponding cell types are listed below: String – Text Box Bool – Checkbox Uri – Hyperlink Double – Double Edit Datetime – Date Time Edit Enums – Combo Box Timespan – Time Span Edit An Object Data Provider is a class which creates an object that you can use as a binding source.

The Grid Data control supports this class (offered by WPF platform) that creates an object in the XAML code and can be used for data binding.

These data source can have multiple nested tables that is displayed hierarchically by the grouping grid.

Such object collections are called as custom business collections.

The grid can be bound to user-defined collections that let you store arbitrary objects in a structured fashion.

The data binding is based on a set of interfaces that differ in the context of accessing and navigating through data and of course manipulating the data.

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Data binding is the master feature of the Grid Data control.

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