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Craig grabbed all the media attention towards him when he exchanged vows with Marie Osmond.

Steve and Marie Osmond got married on July 26, 1982.

Following her passion, she debuted on the show Donny and Marie Show in 1975.

She hosted the show together with Donny Osmond, her brother.

As a tribute to her late son, the couple chose the wedding date to coincide with his birthday.

Marie Osmond said: Unlike Steve, Marie Osmond has always been in the limelight for her stardom.

Who knew that helping her move to her new house would rekindle a love that she thought was lost long ago?

The couple tied the knot at the Las Vegas Mormon Temple in presence of close family members.When I was at dinner with my sweetheart last night, I ran into a few of you that were asking about the Q&A event on Saturday.It’s going to be incredibly fun and it starts at 6pm! 🌺💋🎈 #Hawaii A post shared by Marie Osmond (@marieosmond) on Steve rekindled his love with Marie even after 26 years of separation.He was drafted to be the part of NBA in 1981 and was finally selected in the draft.Steve was selected to play from team Philadelphia Sixers.

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