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Included is a list of places where you can get additional information and where to get vintage repair parts.

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This page includes some tips concerning the maintenance, refurbishing and upgrading of vintage bikes.

These folks are the heavyweights of classic lightweight collecting, so to speak ;-).The owner of the 730, Jack Romaine, found that a 22.2 stem would fit into the bottom end of the steerer tube.(Hmmmmm - the plot thickens.) Upper-level steerer tubes are butted (thicker wall size, smaller internal diameter) at the bottom end of the tube. of the upper end of his steerer to make it larger, enabling him to use a 22.2mm stem.- The majority of vintage road Treks (with drop handlebars) have a clamp diameter of 25.4mm. the Cinelli bars and stems, used on upper level bikes, use a 26.4mm clamp diameter.Most members of these lists get enjoyment out of placing an unneeded part with a good home; the monetary return is secondary.Seatpost Diameter - Nearly all road Treks prior to the mid 90s have the standard seatpost diameter of 27.2mm.

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