Are baya and ryan from the real world still dating general information online dating

She was also in for a surprise when her best friend in the house, Ryan, started to give off the vibe that he could have feelings for her.

No matter what the situation, though, the 21-year-old from Utah handles things from a rational perspective and rarely finds herself caught up in drama or negativity.

This is how they figure out whether they’re BFFs or LUVAHS 4-LYFE.

Devyn was reading some self-help book with “Bitches” and “Love” in the title that I was so terrified of, I wouldn’t allow myself to press pause in order to see it properly.

Also, Katelynn, the transgendered roomie, kissed a girl. At Elmo restaurant, Scott sat squarely between Devyn and his model-friend, delighted with his life.

Devyn told him that “the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice,” which was supposed to convince him that he should date her, and not his model-friend.

Swear to God, these were the real lyrics: I would like to live/As a tampon/In the woman I love.

It’s summer in Brooklyn, and the air is thick with heinously inappropriate crushes and fear.One of my dreams is to be a lead dancer in a music video or to go on tour with an artist as a dancer. We were great friends and he was pretty tipsy when he wrote that email.Who knows though, maybe I'll go on tour as a DJ with an artist too! Gina, Reality Wanted: What was your reaction to the email that Ryan sent you, saying that (in a different time or situation) he could see a relationship with you? On my end, I never thought of him in that light so I was taken aback, but it didn't change anything as far as the dynamic of our friendship. It shows Devyn and I talking right after I get the email, but we weren't talking about that. I kept that really private because I didn't want to make a big issue out of it. Gina, Reality Wanted: You always say that you and Ryan get along the best - what is it about him that makes the two of you so close? Baya: Ryan reminds me of all of the guys I grew up with in Salt Lake. it was really easy for me to get along with him because I could read him really well, I felt like I had met people like him before. we were always laughing and being ridiculous and outrageous so our personalities mesh really well. Gina, Reality Wanted: What is your advice to people who want to become cast members on The Real World? Baya: It's hard to say because you never know what production is looking for.They window-shop on “the Lower East Side,” Matt says, all scene-pointy.But, sob, Katelynn just wants her stupid boyfriend who ignores her back, and she cried in her bed for awhile. If there were a Judy Blume tone-poem that MTV had approved in advance, it would have been playing. Ryan mumbled, “I have a girlfriend,” which of course meant Baya needed to rub up against Chet, turning them both into wax figurines for Madame Tussad’s collection.

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