Andrej pejic dating erika linder

Her likeness to Leonardo Di Caprio inspired magazines and brands to put her in more masculine wear, and she excelled, kicking off a new trend in fashion that has Erika wanting to move away from the expected and try something new.“It was cool for me in the beginning, because I was the only girl doing it.That was the first time that Erika Linder left his native Stockholm in the name of fashion to pose in the heart of Paris.The report was a success and her name began to haunt the editors of some of the most avant-garde magazines.

She is Search Dog Flo, a Border Collie from @edalemrt in the Peak District.And now I want it to be more about me, not just ‘Erika’s a guy’ or whatever.I want people to see, like, me and not just me in a suit.”The new movement to hire female models to do menswear has its share of critics, too, which Erika finds frustrating.“You hear girls that are like ‘I’m just going to cut my hair and put a flannel on and OK, I’m just going to be a guy now,'” she said.Obviously if something cool comes up, I’m totally down for it.But it’s more like—I kind of want to break that circle a little bit.

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