Ali and shivangini dating

Rashan Ali was born on the 27th June 1973 in Decatur, Georgia USA, the daughter of Joyce and Bick Godfrey.Of African-American ancestry, Rashan hasn’t revealed much about her childhood years, including whether she has any siblings or not, and where she went to school.So, do you want to find out more about Rashan Ali, from her childhood to her most recent career endeavors, and her personal life as well?If yes, then stay with us for a while as we uncover for you the life and career of Rashan Ali.

You can watch it below: Ali Lucia went on vacation and came back engaged Ali's fans are curious to find out when this adorable couple will finally decide to tie the knot. Lucia appears to be a lowkey personality judging by her non-existent dating rumors and affairs in the past.

In the last few years, Rashan Ali became famous as an actress, after years working as a radio host; she worked for several radio stations, but it was her appearance on screen that made her a star.

Her breakthrough role was as Monica in the film “Three Can Play That Game” in 2007.

Ali Lucia, a well-known personality in the world of media, recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Drew Showalter.

This gorgeous Fox anchor seems to attract a great deal of interest towards her personal life.

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