Ajax reorderlist not updating

An Update Panel consists of two sections: Content Template and Triggers.All the content in the Content Template section is able to get updated asynchronously.Next, you will learn a couple of simple ways to make asynchronous triggers.In this approach you designate all asynchronous triggers consistently and declaratively at design time.Last, I will illustrate how to link asynchronous triggers with related Update Panels and how to centralize the handling of the asynchronous postback events.Decoupling asynchronous triggers and Update Panels at design time is a preliminary step to consistently specifying Update Panels and asynchronous triggers and centralizing the handling of asynchronous postback events.This is very simple: just wrap that area with an Update Panel control. You can declaratively register the trigger in the Triggers section. You can handle the asynchronous postback events the same way as the normal postback.

Your application ends up being hard to maintain and change.

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You may cheer for such a powerful yet simple AJAX framework.

However, things in the real world turn out to be not that simple.

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