Advice for tall women dating short men

At first, I'd try to avoid the issue with due diligence, but most men still regularly round up (by more than a half inch, by the way) when they list their heights on their profiles.Many times, the guys wouldn't balk initially when I told them my height, but the bias became pretty apparent once we met in real life.But that guy's comment (and online dating in general) brought me right back to that awkward stage.Over the years, I've dated men of all shapes and sizes—some taller, some shorter—without a second thought. Thanks to a Tinder binge, I've noticed height is an issue again—or maybe it never really went away. Ladies prefer men who are a whopping 8 inches taller than they are, according to a recent Dutch study.

I'd rather date a short guy than someone who is short-sighted.

So here's what I've done: I've learned to look at it as a blessing.

At the end of the day, I want to date a confident man.

Men tend to stand side by side when getting to know each other.

That’s because when a guy faces you head-on, it’s intimidating, Wood says.

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