Accommodating non compliant browsers

Legal compliance when operating a business is hard work. ” What most business operators fail to consider is the legalities surrounding the operation of a business website.Many people focus on the standard questions: “Am I adhering to the corporate formalities? Indeed, many have no idea that there are laws that govern the use of a website for business purposes.

While not legally mandated, a TOU is an important tool for a business in that it protects the website owner from use violations by its users.

If you are worried that your website might not comply with the ADA, a great resource for you or your web designer is the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which can be found at https://

1 See United States District Court, Northern District of California, MEMORANDUM & ORDER, Re: Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss; Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction; p. Lisa Allen earned her Juris Doctor in 2006 from California Western School of Law and received the American Jurisprudence award in law school in both her Mediation Advocacy class and Alternative Dispute Resolution classes.

How can we make sure that our website provides a smooth and seamless user experience across all browsers that your target audience may have access to, be it Firefox, Chrome, or even Internet Explorer?

While developing a website, normally, you use a combination of Java Script, CSS, and HTML with CSS3 and HTML5 being the latest.

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