Accommodating color blind computer users

Elements that are not filtered remains colored according to the chosen choropleth attribute.

As users drag the sliders, the map animates to give immediate feedback in real time (figure 1(a)).

Color-blindness website allows you to view images with normal vision and different type of color-blindness.

These goals are especially challenging in the case of geo-referenced statistical data that many U. Our solutions are presented and future work is discussed.

We present technical and user-interface design challenges in accommodating users with low-end technology (slow network connection and low-end machine) and users who are blind or vision-impaired.

The scatterplot plots a 2-dimensional graph of the map elements according to two selected data attributes.

The sliders, map, scatterplot and the detail window are tightly coupled: The dynamic query sliders filter both the map and the scatterplot.

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