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The images captured by satellite P78-1 showed the comet heading around the Sun.Its perihelion distance was too small, and the head did not reappear from behind the Sun.

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pic.twitter.com/l D2h LZMM71 Element 61 in our #IYPT2019 series with @roysocchem is promethium – only found in minuscule quantities on Earth, but used to make atomic batteries: compoundchem.com/2019/08/21/iyp…pic.twitter.com/9V45SJbg Ix #On This Day In Science 1789​ German-born British astronomer & composer William Herschel discovered a new moon of Saturn: Enceladus.Recent data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft strengthens the idea that this ocean world hosts conditions suitable for life.Learn more about Katherine: gov/2j Hxxx X pic.twitter.com/2FHXTETEKn #On This Day In Science 2004 Thimerosal-containing Flu vaccines were banned from use in California.Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was reacting to public advocacy groups rather than medical opinion.

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