Abhishek bachan aishwarya rai dating

This suggests that her opposition to marriage, or focus on career, is reduced, she stops pushing away men and is now more attracted to a proposal of marriage since the star that prevents her Day Master from combining with the Officer star, the Hurting Officer star, is removed. Are Rai and Abhishek compatible or astrologically mis-cast? Abhishek, born Feb 5th 1976 is a Ding Fire Day Master.

Time of birth is not know but it is likely he is born at night, or late evening, given his appearance (most Ding Fire born at night are good looking).

In Rai’s case, Wood, her Wealth Element, is a favourable element. A higher level of compatibility analysis in Ba Zi involves extracting the ‘qualities’ of the person’s spouse and then comparing them to their girlfriend/fiancee to see if the person fits the bill.

Abhishek’s chart has strong wood elements, since he is born in the season of wood, and also, sits on the Pig, which is known as the Growth of Wood. In Abhishek’s case, he’s a strong Ding Fire, so Metal is a favourable element for him. In this respect, based on the Ba Zi charts of Rai and Abhishek, the compatibility of the two does not seem to be too strong.

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Fire, to her Xin Metal Day Master, particular Bing Fire, represents the Direct Officer star.The Punishment Formation that previously affected her chart, is gone so her thinking and mental state is also more positive and optimistic.Now, the Jia Shen pillar comes with a saying ‘ Geng Metal Chop Jia Wood, Produce Ding Fire’.Plus, it is only a year and if they get past that blip (or get married on a good day), the problems may well be minimal.Aishwarya Rai Bachan with birthname as Aishwarya Rai is an Indian Actress and Model. Following the win in Miss World pageant in 1994,she was offered roles to act in the film.

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