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He said he’s seen farmers and religious people fall victim the most to this type of scam.The Federal Trade Commission says, overall, Americans lost 3 million on romance scams last year.The plaintiff's attempt to litigate this case in the press betrays desperation. Despite online dating profiles that said they were seeking love online, they never existed.

Bernier is listed as CEO for San Diego-based venture capital firm, .

"Well I think that's the mark of a good salesman, is that a good salesman can make a good pitch, can make a convincing pitch, and when it's backed by a legitimate looking website that has very prominent people on there, all that combined led her to believe that this was reputable," said Field.

Field says Bernier scammed his client out of 0,000.

The online love scam reviewed by Agari was largely based in Nigeria, the report concluded.

And while many unsuspecting Americans have likely received emails from scammers claiming to be “a Nigerian prince,” Agari’s new report focuses on a scam that is far more elaborate and believable, especially because it preys on vulnerable people searching for love, according to the report.

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